Organizational Change In Real Life

Each of us all around the world has experienced a lot of change this year. As I’ve watched organizations and people react to these changes I have reflected that unmanaged change usually fails to yield the desired result. What makes organizational change succeed? | READ MORE

New Energy for Working Remotely

While some companies have used telework and collaboration systems for years, others found themselves thrust into it when the pandemic hit. What have we learned about how best to manage a team remotely? | READ MORE

Identifying Potential

One of the characteristics of a great leader is the ability to identify potential in people. In order to build a strong and effective team, you need to fill it with the right combination of skills, abilities, and personalities. So how do you get better at identifying the sometimes-hidden potential in your employees? | READ MORE

Singing the Praises of Strong Leadership

In a global crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic, you can never have too much good leadership. For anyone under 80, this is the most intense and enduring crisis of our days. What does good crisis leadership require? To begin, it requires vision. It also requires the ability to engage others and to express empathy. It is elevated with focus, discipline, and a commitment to excellence. And when the world has come to an apparent halt, each one of us is challenged to step up and lead by serving and contributing our best selves to this world in need. | READ MORE

Is Consulting For Me? Part 2

With the unexpected and dramatic global changes of 2020 as a result of a pandemic and an oil price war, chances are we all know someone experiencing a sudden career change. What was initially meant as a reference point for a “someday” career change could now be urgent, perhaps even personal. There are no wrong answers here—only indications about whether consulting might be more or less a natural fit for you. | READ MORE